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A Family Trust in Mauritius is a legal entity separate from its settlor and any beneficiaries. Basically, a trust is established by a Settlor who settles assets on trust to achieve the objects of the trust. The Settlor also describes in a Trust Deed how the assets of the Trust Fund will be dealt with, for what purpose or for whose benefit? Trustees manage the Trust.

Global Business License (GBL)

An Global Business License Company is a Mauritian resident corporation which proposes to conduct business outside & inside Mauritius. The company may apply to the Financial Services Commission for a Global Business License (GBL). This GBL company may under the Financial Services Act conduct any legal Global & Local Business activity.

Financial Emigration to Mauritius

Those South Africans that have decided to move to Mauritius for work, or as their new home have two options to ensure that they protect their foreign earned income. Financial Emigration, or making use of the Double Taxation Agreement between South Africa and Mauritius.


A Foundation in Mauritius is a legal entity separate from its founder, officers, and any beneficiaries. Basically, a foundation is established by a founder who endows assets to achieve the objects of the foundation. The Founder also describes in a charter how the assets of the Foundation will be dealt with, for what purpose or for whose benefit? The Foundation Council manage the Foundation.

Authorised Company (AC)

An Authorised Company is a company registered in Mauritius by the Financial Services Commission. However the company is not tax resident in Mauritius and will need to be registered as a permanent establishment in the country where place of effective management is occurring. This company is used to conduct business outside of Mauritius.

Protected Cell Companies (PCC)

Protected Cell Companies (or "Segregated Cell Companies" or "Segregated Porfolio Companies, as they are known in other jurisdictions), (PCCs) provide for the legal segregation of risks, assets/ liabilities of different individuals, corporate entities under a shared structure.

A PCC is a company that consists of one Core and an indefinite number of Cells which are kept legally separate from each other. Each Cell has assets and liabilities attributed to it, and its assets cannot be used to meet the liabilities of any other Cell.

BTG Management Services (Mauritius) is a full service Management Company located in Mauritius licensed by the Financial Services Commission under section 77 of the Financial Services Act of 2007.


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